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Frozen Jachnun Instruction

Making a homemade Jachnun require a specific technique and experience the get those rolls into perfection. Yet, you can still enjoy the homemade Jachnun by baking the fresh and homemade Frozen Jachnuns and wake up in the morning to this irresistible smell.

  • Level: Super easy
  • Preparation time: 10 min
  • Baking time: 10-12 hours in the oven

     1. Oven preparation

    • Prepare the oven in advance to 200°C
    2. Pot preparation
      • Depending on how many Jachnuns, select the pot size.
      • Place a few slices of simple bread on the bottom of the pot (to prevent the lower Jachnuns hardening). You can skip this if you like the slightly harsh Jachnuns.
      • Place baking paper inside the pot, and above the bread.
      • Spread butter on the baking paper, the sides of the pot and the bottom of the pot.
      • Even if you do not have a Jachnun pot, every pot/baking dish will fit (although the original Jachnun pot is the best).
      • If there is no lid, aluminium foil is also good, one layer is enough. It is only important to cover and tighten the edges so that there is no escape of moisture.
      • You can use any kind of butter, margarine. But do not use oil.
      • If you have a Jachnun pot, no baking paper is needed.
      3. Placing the Jachnuns
      • Take from the freezer the number of Jachnuns you want to make.
      • Remove the baking paper from the Jachnuns.
      • Lay the Jachnuns in layers in a pot.
      • Place baking paper on the Jachnuns and add the eggs.
      • There is no need to defrost the Jachnuns ahead of time.
      • It is recommended to apply a little butter on each frozen Jachnun before placing it inside the pot.
      • You can put some honey on the Jachnuns. Don't overdo it.
      • Do not place the eggs on top of the Jachnun, as it will distort their shape. You can put them aside from the Jachun or in a separate pot.
      • Preparing the boiled eggs can also be done in the usual way, in a pot with water on the cooker. If you want brown eggs then leave 2-3 hours with several black tea bags.

      4. Baking the Jachnuns

      • And now for the oven! First 40 minutes leave about 200 degrees.
      • Then put on 100 degrees for the whole night.
      • If your oven is relatively weak, you can put on 110-120 degrees
      • Basically, if you put in the oven at 20:00 in the evening, the Jachnuns will be ready by 8:00 the next day. You can also put in later, but the minimum time is about 6-7 hours
      • You can turn the pot over in the middle of the baking time, around midnight, for uniform baking of the Jachnun.
      5. Good morning
      • You will already wake up to the smell of Jachnuns filling the house.
      • It is advisable to open the pot around 7 am to check the condition, and keep on / stop the baking  accordingly
      • Prepare the tomato sauce and other extras as you see fit for your Jachnun breakfast
      • If the Jachnuns seems to you already ready and the breakfast time has not yet arrived, leave the Jachnuns in the closed oven and cover well, as it is it won't get dried.


      Bon Appetite!

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